Alla GrAnde

As an artist, sculptor, creator, architect, and interior designer, Alla GrAnde breaks the mould of a contemporary artist. Her works are orchestral and multifaceted. Her passion burns brightly and she openly admits that it takes on a life of its own: “I work when I walk, when I feel, I see, I hear, I eat & I sleep…the thing has already taken form in my mind before I start it.” Alla GrAnde’s work centers around portraiture and is deliberately simplistic and post-modern. She delivers a bold, abstract take, with iconic and memorable faces at the heart of each piece. Her work is driven by light and shadow and brought to life with the use of vivid colors. The end result is enthralling and dreamlike, with minimalist lines that are imbued with touches of maximalist charisma.

The common thread between the German artist’s muses and models is that she depicts their strong personalities. Alla GrAnde studies their lives and immerses herself in their world. She journeys to the heart of who they are and pieces together the facets of their professional, social and private lives. She turns her fascination with strong characters into inspiration and creates large-scale portraits that are sensual, complex and full of depth. GrAnde’s soulful approach has set her on an untrodden path in the world of creative art.

The intimacy that develops during the creation of each of her artworks has lead her to not only sign her pictures with her name alone, but with a kiss. It is symbolic of the passion poured into each portrait and the manifestation of an idea brought to life.

Alla GrAnde’s works possess an energetic force and an awareness that refuses to be categorized or held down the conventions of contemporary art. Her approach is powerful and exploratory and her gaze is intense. Her work brings new dimensions to the realm of portraiture: a world that has long since been rooted in history and rich tradition. Her work also touches the realms of fashion, lm and pop culture. She is good of limitless ideas, with other works that range from jewelry design to the creation of public artworks.

There is a rarified beauty and exuberance in the way that GrAnde’s portraits cut through the ubiquitous razzle-dazzle. Each art work ventures beyond the subject captured and rejects the intricacy found in the many faces, in the world around us. Alla GrAnde’s work inspires and invites onlookers to seek and carve out a space for the self. Each portrait is a depiction and a reminder to hold on to the meeting moments that often pass us by.

Alla GrAnde’s art can be found in private collections in Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Australia, Dubai and now at Art Monaco 2016.”

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