My art is as diverse as our lives. I love fashion, design, architecture and nature. These are the sources of my inspiration.

Dear art lovers, dear customers!

You can purchase my other artwork as well as high-quality canvas prints and NFT art at  SAATCHI ART GalerieSINGULART Galerie Paris, ARTSPER Galerie, PRIVATE MUSEUM Ordino, ARTMAJEUR Galerie, PRINTLER Galerie , iCANVAS or from me personally.

Contact me at, Whats App +49 17662091710

ALLA GRANDE is an award-winning German painter, sculptor and designer whose artworks are in many collections worldwide. Alla GrAnde is an artistic umbrella brand that brings together a wealth of talent. Her works are the shadows of a passion that burns with intense brightness. And again her exciting minimalist lines are steeped in the shadow of maximalist charisma.

"Like many other people, I care about protecting our environment and creating ecological works of art in connection with nature.

Eventually I turned to abstract style using recycled and natural materials like gauze and others.

I use natural materials and sculptural forms, or create monochrome artworks that are minimalist, simple and noble, creating a cozier and softer look and evoking new moods.

The expressive ideas are implemented in sculptural forms that achieve a three-dimensional effect through the play of light and shadow.

A journey through my broad work reveals many aspects of ourselves that we sense and recognize, sometimes deep within our soul.

My creations begin in the spirit and soul and are then prepared to gain physical manifestation.

I am constantly engaged in creative endeavors, and before an idea is realized it has already taken shape in my head. I'm always exploring new forms of expression and mediums, resulting in artworks that are incredibly unique and creative.”

Studied architecture and fine arts with Prof. Valery Urenev / State Academy for Construction and Architecture / Institute for Art and Architecture in Odessa, Ukraine.

My works are in private and public collections in Germany, USA, France, Dubai, UAE, Taiwan, Ukraine, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden and Monaco, etc.


Foundation Humbert II and Marie-Hosé of Savoy, Historical centre for the house of Savoy, Geneva Switzerland

Jimmy*Z Monte Carlo, Monaco

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Verteidigungsministerium, Berlin, Deutschland

Swissotel Berlin

Stiftung Karlheinz Böhm Athiopienhilfe “Menschen für Menschen”, München

Schaffrath Stiftung, Mönchengladbach

Rathaus Ville de Leers, Frankreich

KR-ONE Stadmagazin Krefeld

TOP Magazin Verlag Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Frankfurt am Main

Stiftung Hospiz Am Blumenplatz, Krefeld

Stiftung "Die Wiege e.V.", Krefeld, Erlöserkirche

Rathaus Krefeld, Büro Oberbürgermeister G. Kathstede, Krefeld

Evangelische Ladenkirche, Mülheim an der Ruhr

Galerie Amendt, Krefeld

Galerie GLIM Immobilien, Krefeld

Kameha Suite, Frankfurt am Main

Praxis Dr. med. Dirk Niezold, Neuss

Dr. Ingo Palmer, “Rechtsanwälte & Notare“, Düsseldorf

BosFood GmbH Unternehmen, Meerbusch Büderich

Büro Bürgermeisterin K. Meincke, Krefeld

Privatsammlung Prof. Dr. Karl-Theo Maria Schneider, München

Privatsammlung Architekturbüro E. Rataiczak, Krefeld

HNO Praxis, Mülheim an der Ruhr

Homöopathie Praxis, Krefeld

Dino Bruns Raumdesign, Krefeld

Privatsammlungen in Deutschland, Frankreich, Österreich,

Belgien, Russland, Ukraine, USA und Australien

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