CarpetVista Design Competition 2015

The winners have been chosen in CarpetVista’s design competition

16th November 2015, Malmö, Sweden

The winners have been chosen in CarpetVista’s design competition

A record breaking number of designs were submitted to this year’s annual CarpetVista Design Competition.

700 designs from 53countries were selected by a jury and displayed in the competition’sdesign gallery.

Visitors to the gallery were able to vote for their favourite designs and the 37 winners have now been elected. ”This year’s winners are a mixture of both well established designers as well as unestablished upcoming talents, ranging from all ag es and corners of the globe.

We are extremely proud to be able to present 32 fantastic designers as our winners.”

, says Alexandra Thaulow, the lead coordinator of thecompetition.

”To find only a few select winners from such a large pool of talent has not been easy, but with the help

of over 60,000 visitors to the gallery who casted their votes, several designs have emerged as winners.

To have our customers’ help in choosing what design they woul d like to see on a carpet has been veryhelpful. This way we can see where the demand lies and can predict what carpets will be our next big sellers.”, says Ludvig Friberger, Managing Director at CarpetVista AB.

The goal of the Design Competition is to create new and innovative carpet design and have the winning designs produced into carpets and sold on CarpetVista’s online boutique.


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